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Jessica Lowry

Founder, Design Thinking Coach

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Austin, Texas - United States


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My job as a human-centered designer is to design for other people - not myself. When it comes to designing meaningful solutions we have to get better at reaching beyond our own limited points of view. Design Thinking is a great process to help people work collaboratively and reach below the surface to uncover deep insights. The best solutions are designed by teams who allow themselves to think beyond limited points of view. As a design coach, I’m interested to explore what design means to you. Creativity is a state of mind - not a job function or title. I want to help people explore design as a practice, not a job function; in order to cultivate deeper levels of empathy for themselves and others.

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Over the past year, I've developed a program that coaches people to explore what design means to them and define for themselves how they best function as designers. By empowering people to understand themselves better they are able to become more effective leaders. And by empowering people to practice and play they're able to grow and expand their skills and capabilities for creative problem solving.

Skills and Expertise

UX Design Thinking Transformation Coach