BSC's Rebuilding Business Nationwide Forum

Friday, October 2, 2020 from 12:00PM to 1:00PM

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This week’s Share the Wisdom focus is about what is "Slow Technology" and how to use it as you rebuild your business with Ruth Glendinning, FutureSense Labs and Founder of S.L.O.W. Technology Accelerator. You will be surprised and you may already be using some of its precepts.

Join us on Friday, Oct. 2 at noon CDT to also talk about...
  • Ready Room: New! Share a book, class, software that works for you and ask for help — and get it! What's happening around the country and the world.
  • Mentor Zone 
    • Dave Nave and Associates (Seattle area) on 5 main management elements and how their interactions can help or hurt you as you rebuild your business
    • Yes, no, and maybe customers with Jan Triplett to improve your customer choices and their customer experience
  • Resource-full — ideas, warnings and opportunities for reinventing your business
  • More from you: your ideas, questions, and comments throughout the Forum on how our topics and takeaways would work in your business situation
Here’s the link to BSC's Reinventing Business Nationwide Forum RSVP and more information. It’s every Thursday — same time; same day; same link. Please share.
What we learned from each other and about each other last week in just 60 minutes:
  • Forum attendees from around the country and overseas shared examples of what has worked for them in rebuilding their businesses, what has changed, and what they need. Genevieve Walsh, Walsh's Home Repairs (Charlottesville, Virginia area) got some ideas to help them hire the right people.
  • We learned how time management is not enough to rebuild our business and got ideas on how to use attention management from our Share the Wisdom guest, speaker and author Maura Thomas
  • Quick tips on government contracting from one of our regular mentors, Karen Hiltz, Ed.D.. She is the author of a new book, The Apple Report, on education that you might also find very revealing. 
  • Page Heller (Indiana and College Station), Endpoint Security has joined our experts and talked about cyber security attacks from people and things. Good discussion.
  • Forum Mentor Shane Anciso, Secret Simple Computer Repair, gave us homework to keep our tech running
  • Bill Kleinebecker told us about some local and worldwide tech news and what is happening at TAG (Technology Advisors Group) this month. For next month's program go to
  • The Last Word — resource recommendations and ideas from Jan Triplett, BSC (Austin and the world). This week an article on getting customer re-engagement because customers have changed as we have all found out.
Hear or read what happened for yourself using the link to the meeting recording and transcript: or
We are finding great “business buddies” willing to talk openly and frankly about their business and share their expertise at the Reinventing Business Forum. It is so great to get to know and understand each other more than just to talk superficially like in a traditional in person or online meeting. The added benefit is that we get information from others in many industries and from all over the country and overseas.

If this is what you are looking for, please join us. We really want to learn from you and share with you! Interested in being our "Share the Wisdom" guest expert on a Thursday Forum? Contact me about your idea:   Go here to see what our upcoming topics are and who our speakers are.

What I know is that when we come together, we may not be able to be at our "best" right now but we can find "better" and "acceptable" ways to do business that are realistic and practical and benefit ourselves, others, and the planet, the triple bottom line!
Upcoming Special Guests:
  • Different day first week of Oct. only: Fri. Oct. 2: Ruth Glendinning, Thriving Community Solutions on the “SLOW Tech® Incubator” (Sustainable Local Organic Work + Technology) concept
  • Thur. Oct. 8: Belinda Mendoza, Design for Energy on Feng Shui Tips for Creating an Empowering Work Environment that Boost Profits
  • Thurs. Oct. 15: Chuck Clayton, Author of Mastering Poker Math on Poker Math and Critical Thinking
  • Thurs. Oct. 22: Page Heller, Hopes Creek Consulting on Is My Idea Patentable?
  • Thurs. Oct. 29: Dokpe Ogunsanya, Dupsy Enterprises on Picking up the Pieces - Amid the Disarray of Today's World


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