BSC's Reinventing Business Nationwide Forum

Thursday, September 10, 2020 from 12:00PM to 1:00PM

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This week’s Share the Wisdom focus is about how to plan for more changes in the digital age with serial entrepreneur Sam Alexander, CEO, C2C Fashion & Technology, LLC.

Join us on Thursday, Sept. 10 at noon CDT to also talk about...

  • The Right Stuff — tell your story and show and tell. Your chance to blow your own horn about your successes and let us see your work!
    Q for this week: Do you have a sense of humor? Tell us how. This is the fifth trait of most successful business owners. (From Business Owner Bingo™ by Jan Triplett)
  • Ideas from our regular experts (tech, legal, management, sales and marketing, HR and money)
  • Resource-full — ideas, warnings and opportunities for reinventing your business
  • Next week's reinventing your business question
  • Your comments, ideas and questions throughout the Forum
Here’s the link to BSC's Reinventing Business Nationwide Forum RSVP and more information. It’s every Thursday — same time; same day; same link. Please share.
What we learned from each other and about each other last week in just 60 minutes:
  • How good a finisher we are and how it relates to our newly reinvented businesses. It can be hard to finish when your customers don't let you.
  • Show and Tell: What businesses are for sale in the US with business broker Clarence Griggs, presentation by Yuliya Semak on her new innovation for teachers and parents, new annual report on small business and self employed released by the IRS (great planning tool)
  • What’s happening in business across the country from all our Business Buddies who attended
  • Share the Wisdom: Business regulations and legislation that's here and that's coming with some ideas of how to prepare by Annie Spilman, State Director, NFIB, the largest lobbying group working for small business at the state and national level.
  • Where management guru Deming is coming from and more about his ideas by Dave Nave, Dave Nave and Associates (Seattle area) and Joe Sprangel, Emmanuel Strategic Sustainability (Virginia) on innovation and how not to get left behind. You also might like to read his post on this subject. Karen Hiltz (Florida) shared news about her new upcoming book on politics and school boards, The Apple Report, and the best places to go to find what the government is currently buying.
  • The Last Word — resource recommendations and ideas from Jan Triplett, BSC (Austin and the world):  
    • How customers punish companies who cut wages for employees due to COVID
    • Avoiding auto renewal traps and the FTC clamping down on subscription services
Hear or read what happened for yourself using the link to the meeting recording and transcript: or at
We are finding great “business buddies” willing to talk openly and frankly about their business and share their expertise at the Reinventing Business Forum. It is so great to get to know and understand each other more than just to talk superficially like in a traditional in person or online meeting. The added benefit is that we get information from others in many industries and all over the country and overseas.
Please join us — we really want you! Learn from us and show and teach us what you know. Interested in being our "Share the Wisdom" guest expert on a Thursday Forum? Contact me about your idea:
Upcoming Special Guests:
Sept. 10: Samuel Alexander, Concept 2 Consumption, case study about the new digital world
Sept. 17: Patricia Bauer-Slate, Patricia’s Lunchbox, case study about the food business in the new world
Sept. 24: Author and speaker Maura Nevel Thomas on attention management


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